Member only discounts


Your membership can pay for itself and more

Chamber membership offers you exclusive discounts for products and services that can provide savings much more than your cost of membership. To obtain these savings, you need to have a current Pineville NC Chamber Membership Card!

Lab Services for Employees and Employers

Member company FastLabs offers 20% discounts on Chamber Member Company employee heath care lab tests, genetic testing, and for employer drug screening.

Health Insurance

Programs for North Carolina and South Carolina companies that enable you to get savings of up to 10% on your corporate employee premiums.  Benefits vary by state and company size

Payroll, Accounting and other services

Get savings on these services that are exclusive to Chamber Member companies

Office products

50% discounts on many office supplies

80% discounts on office copies

10% discounts on electronics

Additional ways to save...

As we grow, we are adding more ways for member companies to save.  By joining the Chamber, these new deals will be available to you as soon as they are added.