Chamber Working Committees


Marketing and Sales

Chair:  Maria Overcash, President, Carolina Health Connections

The charter of this committee is to provide new and creative methods to expand market exposure and increase sales for member companies, whether they are small LLCs, mid-sized companies or large corporations, leveraging the expertise of Chamber Member companies and other resources.

Business Operations and Growth

Chair:  Nighat Arif, Senior VP, M&F Bank

The charter of this committee is to provide opportunities for businesses to gain additional knowledge and insight around issues associated with business operations and growth, ranging from business plans to personnel issues,  financing, employee benefits and more.

Charity /Giving

Chair:  Joan Holobinko, Past President St. Francis Hospital Women's Auxiliary, Hartford, CT

The charter of this committee is to lead the charitable contributions of Chamber members, including financial and talent.  Effort will be focused on a small number of selected charities  where the Chamber believes it can make a measurable positive  impact.


Chair:  David Neeley, Financial Advisor, Summit Advisory Group

The charter of this committee is to promote job opportunities that exist within Pineville Chamber member companies and provide means of expanding search coverage for qualified candidates.


Charter:  To provide outreach and grow  Chamber Membership by communicating the benefits of the Pineville NC Chamber and positive impact of the Chamber on the community.

Town Relations

Chair:  John Holobinko, Pineville Chamber President and CEO

The charter of this committee is to provide a two-way conduit between the Chamber and the town government for the exchange of ideas and communication of issues that relate to conducting business and business growth within Pineville.