About Us

Pineville NC at the geographical center of one of the fastest growing areas within metropolitan Charlotte. While the Town of Pineville ihasmore than 1,300 businesses, Draw a five mile radius from Town center and you have almost 8,400 businesses encompassed within what we refer to as the SLYP area, which is an acronym for South Charlotte, Northern Lancaster County, Northern York County and the Town of Pineville.  The businesses within the SLYP area  have a common interest to grow the area's commerce.  Until the  formation of the Pineville NC Chamber of Commerce, there was not an organization specifically focused on the needs of businesses within Pineville and the SLYP business area.   

In 2019, a number of businesses and business leaders combined their talents and resources to organize and form the Pineville NC Chamber of Commerce.  We are a 501c (6) non-profit corporation, registered in the State of North Carolina.  John Holobinko is the Chamber President and CEO.  John is a business executive in the Charlotte area with a successful track record both as an entrepreneurial  President/CEO of high technology start-up companies, and as a senior executive in large corporations including Motorola and Cisco Systems.  He also owns a consulting firm that focuses on helping both small and medium ($1 Billion) businesses improve their top line growth and profitability by focusing on key operations and product strategy, and to better retain their employees.  

The Chamber is rapidly approaching 100 member companies.  We hold regular monthly membership meetings and conduct "Lunch and Learn" training programs for member companies to help them improve their businesses, as well as social events.  Charity and Giving is one of our three key pillars, and we specifically support On Eagles Wings, a charity focused on addressing the problem of human trafficking, and Pineville Neighbors Place, a charity focused on helping lend a hand up to the working poor in the SLYP area.  Our formal grand opening launch ceremony was held in September, 2019 and attracted strong media coverage including NBC and ABC Charlotte news affiliates.  Our core team has already met with the Pineville Town government and we look forward to regular dialog with the town.  

The Pineville Chamber of Commerce will help businesses to become more successful.  However, the Chamber's impact and success is dependent on your support and membership.   Refer to the membership page for information on both corporate and individual membership levels and annual membership fees.

Please use the JOIN page if you wish to join the Chamber.  If you would like to discuss how the Chamber can benefit your company, please indicate your areas of inquiry on the CONTACT page or click FIND OUT MORE below.  

We are excited about building a great organization and doing our part to contribute to the continued growth and success of the Pineville area's businesses and community